Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tour de Wisconsin Agriculture, Part Three

Part one is here, part two is here. Click any photo for larger.

While I was riding around the countryside, I was amazed at how many different crops I saw in the fields. I counted eight! Here are two more - these should be pretty easy, but the second one is a bit surprising. I will put the answers in the comments.

All along my route fans of LITGM lined up to greet me with open...hooves.
One thing that I cannot convey to you is the smell of the ride. The morning air was fresh and invigorating. Of course when you pass one of the many dairy farms you get a waft of manure. That smell doesn't really bother me too much in small doses.

My wife and I have had discussions on the topic of our air - we are lucky to have good, clean air in and around Madison. Madison doesn't really produce much being a white collar town so the emissions are pretty low. I am here to tell you, not much smells better than a freshly cut field of hay.
At the bottom of some of the hills were some wooded areas. While not exactly riding under a canopy of trees, it was still nice to get some shade after climbing some of the larger hills.


Dan from Madison said...

The first photo is young soybeans. The second is tobacco. This is a very interesting article about Wisconsin tobacco. Seems that in the past it was used for chew and cigar wrappers, but now it looks like some companies are interested in Wisconsin tobacco for cigarettes.

Annie said...

Dan! You put the answers in the comments too soon! Give it 24 hours, fer goodness sake! LOL Bet you let people open Christmas presents early too because you can't wait for them to know what they got! HA!
(Ok I knew the soybean one, but not the tobacco one).
Your pics rock, by the way!

Dan from Madison said...

Hey - I said in the post that the answers are in the comments. I don't want to keep my tens of thousands of readers waiting too long. Tx for the photo compliment btw.

Annie said...

I know you were gonna drop the answers in the comments...I'm just a sucker for games and I was ready to play! LOL!

Jonathan said...

Nice rolling hills.