Friday, July 20, 2007

Tour de Wisconsin Agriculture, Part Four

Here are parts one, two and three. Click any photo for larger.

This day was, sincerely, epic. These country roads could have been called "large bike paths" as far as I was concerned. The whole time I was out there I was passed by only a handful of cars and a tractor or two. At times the only sounds were my breathing, the straining of the leather in my shoes, and occasionally the creaking of my bike as I went up a tough hill. This was a LONG hill, with a pretty nice spike at the end.

Eventually I came upon what I call the worlds smallest cemetery, Kohlmann Cemetery. I decided to take a break, fuel up and check out the tombstones. You can find out a lot of interesting historical tidbits from them. I have given my thoughts before about cemeteries, and some of those thoughts have proven to be true at this particular one over time. But enough of that. Here is the Cemetery marker.
Read the back of the marker - kind of eerie, eh?
Here is the marker of Charles Kohlmann himself.
And here is a closeup - Born 1799, Murdered 1848. Guess that about sums it up.
More on this neat cemetery and a wrapup in the final post of this series, part five.

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