Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tour de Wisconsin Agriculture, Part Five

Here are parts one, two, three and four. Click any photo for larger.

I remembered reading when Mae Mefford died a few years ago. I looked it up. I'll be damned. She was the owner of the Missori Tavern, the one I took a photo of earlier in this bike ride.

The last person before Ms. Mefford who was buried there was buried in 1932. Here is the full list if you are interested. The cemetery is still maintained by the Town of Springfield. I have my doubts on that list - I walked the whole cemetery and it didn't look like there were that many people buried there. But maybe there were many people buried in one plot. I don't know.

Anyway, here is where they buried Mae Mefford, owner of the Missouri Tavern. She made it to 101!
I decided to make the flowers upright and fix the wire tie that was holding them up. Weird that someone left their butane lighter on site. Someone must visit on a regular basis..
Elsewhere in the cemetery, there was a GAR vet buried. GAR is Grand Army of the Republic. This is what the US Army used to be called. Note the dates - this is a Civil War veteran.
As I mentioned in my post stating a case for cremation, so many tombstones eventually get washed away. Here is a prime example of a person long ago forgotten. To me, unless you are famous, it is inevitable if you are buried that you will be eventually forgotten, moved, or developed upon. I won't have myself be a burden like that. Here is a forgotten soul.
Here is a wide photo of the cemetery. An interesting place to be sure.
I fueled up here and hit the road again. My total ride ended up being 55 hilly miles. Yikes my legs really hurt at the end of it, but I had a good high going from endorphins. The sights and smells this day were truly spectacular and I was glad I was able to take you along on this ride. If you are ever in the area and are a distance biker in reasonably decent shape give me a jingle and we will retrace this ride - I do it twice a year. If you aren't in good shape, I can trim the ride down to a more managable distance. But I can't trim the hills.


gerry from valpo said...

The female partner and I have always been fascinated with old headstones. Especially those over 100 years old. There are a lot of them out here. This gives me inspiration for a photo post. Thanks, Dan. Great images! But I will ride my motor sickle. It allows me to cover more ground. Can you create a 'graveyard' archive category? :P

Dan from Madison said...

Hey, if you want to start doing historical headstone posts, knock yourself out.

Annie said...

But not too hard...we don't want to PhotoBlog yours.