Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Long Madison Bike Ride, Part Two

Part one is here, click any photo for larger.

Next up on this long bike ride is one of the less scenic parts of this tour - the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. It is most certainly one of the parts that you need to pick up pace and get by as quickly as possible. We lovingly call it the "crap carnival" around here.
After I got downwind of that, I passed the Alliant Energy Center. The AEC is a large complex that includes a bunch of livestock buildings that are used for horse fairs, the Dane County fair and other things. There is also an "Expo Center" that is used for things like small rock concerts, Madtown Throwdown and other small events of that ilk. This is also on the property, a semi famous structure around here that used to be called the Dane County Coliseum, or The Great Dane as locals call it. It has been up for I am guessing thirty years plus and is showing its age inside.
Across the street (John Nolen Drive) from the Alliant Energy Center is a large park complex on the south shore of Lake Monona. Every time I ride by here there are latinos of some sort playing soccer. I am not sure if they are Mexicans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans or just what they are - maybe a combination of all of them - all I know is that they are all speaking in Spanish. They have official uniforms, refs and all the rest. I think it is cool that they all come together and form their own league.
As I wound my way through the city, I used the path that goes for a few miles up Wingra Creek. There were a lot of people fishing on it - I like this guys cowboy hat. He doesn't have a fish, he is snagged.
Afterward, I biked through one of my favorite places in Madison, the UW Arboretum, where we will pick up this ride next time.

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