Monday, July 02, 2007

Long Madison Bike Ride, Part One

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Last Saturday, June, 30, I treated myself to a long bike ride all around Madison. I have not been able to bike as much as I want this summer for a variety of reasons - I really have missed it. I decided this day to just go out and enjoy myself at a very leisurely pace - taking in everything I could and stopping often to take photos. So I loaded up the gel packs, water and the camera and hit the road. It ended up over sixty miles.
Unlike Chicago, we actually have roads around where I live that have bike lanes. Chicago accomplishes this by taking an old road and painting a line on the right, simply making the car lane smaller. Up here, the roads are construcetd with a bike lane in mind from the get-to.
Most of my riding was on paths this day. I am blessed with many, many taxpayer funded paths all over the place. I really don't think this is fair - those who don't use them shouldn't have to pay for them. Then again, there are a LOT of things that I don't utilize that others use that I am paying for so maybe it all comes out in the wash. Here is a shot of a path just a mile or so from my house, as the crow flies.
On this same path when I break out of the woods you can see how high these reed type weeds have grown on either side of the well manicured path. It was like riding my bike through a tunnel.
Below is the type of joint I can see someone like Jonathan hanging out in. It is a bar called The Farm. I have never gone in there - I have heard a lot of stories about it though. I hear they have quite the Karaoke night.
Lots more photos to come from this bike ride.


Jonathan said...

How did you find my favorite bar!?

Good pix. They remind me of good rides.

The USMC jersey is a nice touch.

Dan from Madison said...

Tx, it's one of my favorite jerseys.