Saturday, July 07, 2007

Long Madison Bike Ride, Part Five

Part one is here, and here are parts two, three and four. Click any photo for larger.

After leaving "Madison's Central Park" I headed east on Wilson Street. Eventually you get into the part of town where many of the leftovers from the sixties still live. Madison has a reputation for being a leftist/liberal hotbed (well deserved) and many of these burnouts, hippies and others of that ilk still reside here, many in this particular neighborhood. We are just a block or two off of Williamson Street, where many of these folks like to congregate.

These residents like it "all natural". In other words, they never mow their lawns. I didn't photoshop these, believe it or not. It would drive me batshit crazy if my yard looked like this.

And it only got worse as I rode down the block. Its not like these are prized prairie flowers or anything like that either - they are mostly weeds.
Here is the worst one of all. I just don't know what to say. I like the line of topiaries in the back, too bad they are right up against the house and you can't see them too well since the other crap in the yard is so overgrown. That pine tree on the left seems like it might have been planted at one time as there aren't really too many pine trees in this area of the city - hard to believe that was part of the grand plan, but there it is.
And who, you may ask, would a hippie/burnout/nature person vote for? Who else?
And of course, the vehicle plastered with the obligatory meaningless phrases.


Jonathan said...

Funny. The bumper stickers are a dead giveaway. USMC jersey was an inspired choice.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Those wild yards may look cute but the downside is that they attract an over abundance of insects, snakes and rats. How 'cool' is that?

Dan from Madison said...

Jonathan - more than one person was staring at me in my USMC jersey in stunned silence while I was taking these photos.

Gerry - I had thought about that - I am sure there are all sorts of nasty vermin living in these overgrown plots. I just don't understand it. I wonder if it would be some sort of municipal ordinance violation. One thing for sure - in my neighborhood it would never wash.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the fact that these homes are very close to each other? What is overgrown-bad to you may be the only illusion of privacy these people have.

Annie said...

Illusion of privacy? Give me a break! That can be done with as little as trellis and vines...even no-maintenance fake ones at that! There is no need for inviting vermin and varmints into a space where they might not be welcomed by everyone! That's not "privacy", that's just lazy and junky.

Dan from Madison said...

Privacy? Annie took the words right out of my mouth. Where is the limit? The roof line? I might add that there are lots of other places in Madison that have small houses close to each other, but this is the only area I have seen with weeds ten feet tall.