Tuesday, July 24, 2007

James Does Double Duty

No, that isn't the title of a porno, although if you did a search I suppose you could find one with that title eventually.

James from Hell in a Handbasket has done me a double favor today. First, he said I was on crack in the comments of this post. It is always nice to be put in your place once in a while, and good to be able to laugh at yourself when it is done.

Secondly, he linked this video of the inmates of the Cebu Detention and Rehabilitation Facility in Cebu, Phillipines practicing their version of THRILLER.

Those who know me understand that it is hard to make me laugh out loud, but this did the trick.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Funny... the "Soup" which I watch religiously every week had a clip of this but they wouldn't pay the costs to license the song so it was silent. Their joke was that someone that could dance like this would never commit a crime, so why were they all locked up (it sounded funnier when they told it :) ).