Friday, July 06, 2007

The Food Police

Here is another submission by Gerry from Valparaiso.

When I volunteered to contribute on LITGM I agreed to Dan and Carl’s request to avoid political topics. Fair enough. Consider this to be a food contribution that happens to collide with politics.

Politicians take pride in cheerfully claiming that they promise to stay out of my bedroom. But lately they delight in hanging around in my kitchen.

This Chicago Tribune story was published today on the front page, but below the fold. It caught my attention mainly because it is about a local Valparaiso businessman.

“Dr. Vegetable” tows his mobile fried vegetable cart to the “fests” as well as county and state fairs this time of year. I have seen his trailer many times in town but have yet to sample his fried veggies.

I just don’t like breaded, fried veggies. I prefer mine grilled after coating of olive oil and seasonings. And what’s not to like about steaming veggies such as corn or asparagus lightly to bring out the flavor and hold in nutrients? I consider myself pro-choice, choosing to eat any food I like whenever I wish.

All this entrepreneurial gentleman is trying to do is make an honest buck with a little hard work. The Food Police claim he may be poisoning the uneducated, unwashed masses with hazardous and eventually lethal processed cooking oil. The Food Police are doing their part to save humanity by restricting his choice of cooking oil.

When frying food my preference is peanut oil. It can be heated to 375 degrees without burning. It makes everything from walleye and fried potato sticks to a twelve pound turkey taste better. Does it have trans-fat? I never checked, don’t know and I really do not care. All I know is that they sell it legally in five-gallon jugs at Menard’s (where you save big money) right next to the 2x4’s.

Just check out the headline for a second. “Oil at fair healthful - even if food isn’t”. I am surprised it was not followed with the media favorite subhead of “Women and minorities will suffer most”. Does it mean vegetables are not healthy but now the oil used to fry them will allow you to live longer? Who knew?

Here in the great state of Indiana I can legally carry a concealed weapon. I can purchase fireworks, or WMD’s (weapons of minimal destruction) legally and detonate them in front of my country bunker even if it endangers the mental health of my neighbor’s poodle. I can purchase cheap tobacco too. But now the Indiana State Fair has decided that using cooking oil containing “trans–fat” is lethal and will save us from consuming it. This is sooo…embarrassing.

New York City is considering banning all trans-fat oils in their 20,000+ eating establishments. The Chicago City Council recently outlawed the commercial preparation and sale of fois gras, a fattened goose liver prized by gourmet “foodies”. They claim it tortures the geese. Like lopping their heads off isn’t? Chicago is also considering a trans-fat oil ban.

How could the Chicago City Council miss a prime opportunity to generate income by simply taxing trans-fat cooking oil?

All I can say is that they will take my cooking oil when they pry it from my hot, greasy spatula holding hand.


Annie said...


Dan and Carl should be patting each other on the back for adding Gerry to the Tri-Blogger unit here!

Spot on post!!

Anonymous said...

They can't have my bacon grease either.