Thursday, July 12, 2007

False Alarms and Sidearms

The Madison Police Department has deemed it unnecessary to respond to commercial alarms. Seems they were getting a lot of false alarms and the cost wasn't justifying answering them. I would simply fine repeat offenders - heavily. Taking treasure forcibly from people is a very easy to make them comply to rules. But that conversation is over. The cops won't come if there is an alarm unless summoned by the first responder.

I am first on the call list for my business. In other words, if there is an alarm and I am called by the alarm company I need to go down there, check for problems, and THEN call the alarm company or the cops to seek assistance if needed. Clearly, I need to be armed for this. I can scan one side of my business in my H3, but the other side needs to be walked and I would need to check inside in case someone cut a hole in the roof. Don't laugh at that last sentence. Holes in roofs are one of the burglars best choices for commercial properties.

Conceal carry is illegal in two states - Wisconsin and Illinois. In this case conceal carry isn't important to me. I actually WANT a burglar to see my piece and I feel more comfortable having it exposed as this is how I practice my draw at the range. Currently I carry my HK USP .45 compact (4" barrel) with stainless slide. Here is a photo of him. He is my bud.

I use a very slick holster for him. You can see as I hit the button on the plastic it slides out and after it does, my finger is placed perfectly on the trigger.

So this is what I usually strap on my belt, in plain view for all to see, if I get an alarm call. It is a great system for me. I have practiced with it a lot and I am very comfortable with it.

As a side note, open carry is perfectly legal in Wisconsin. Cops will ask you questions for sure if they see you strolling around with a firearm on your hip, that is for sure...but they really can't do much about it.

Fortunately for me, alarm calls have only happened a couple of times.

This wouldn't be my dream conceal carry weapon though. Xavier just did a post on something close to my dream conceal carry piece. His dream conceal carry piece is the Smith and Wesson M and P .38 2" barrel, with half moon front sight and round butt. Very nice. I lean toward a .357, but to each their own.

I already own a Smith 13-2 .357 with a four inch bull barrel, but I have been told repeatedly that even if I carry it a few times I will start to rub the bluing off. The gun is pristine and I don't really want to do that.

I need to scout the gun shows and Guns America for a couple of things. First, a 4" carry worn Smith K frame in .357 and second a 3" in .357. I want the 3" for conceal carry, and the 4" for open carry. Oh noticed. I mentioned earlier that conceal carry is still not yet decriminalized here in Wisco. Too bad. If it is them or me, guess who it will be. Jail be damned.

I would like to get a worn four inch bbl Smith to see how it feels on the hip compared to my HK. I absolutely love those old Smiths and have a sneaky feeling I know which way I would go...but time will tell. I think I need to get over to the gun shows and Guns America.


Snakeye said...

I dunno, it may be a little big and bulky (that's all the more intimidating), but nothing says "get the hell off my property" quite like a pump-action shotgun does (870)!

Annie said...

Snakeye, that's a great home defense. The way to go for security type checks is just what Dan is doing.
And since the best reload is a second gun, I vote for the S&W Airweight. It's the 637 model that's just shy of a 2" barrel... completely titanium so it's incredibly light even when loaded. Also because it's titanium, you can shoot the crap out of it until it's blackend, and it wipes right off, unlike stainless steel or the alloy blends.
Load that puppy up with +p hollow points and you are good to go. Never bulky, never heavy, and so small you have to *try* to make it print.
Just my opinion, from wearing one every day. :p

Dan from Madison said...

I own an 870 myself, and it is the ultimate home defense weapon I would have to admit.

gerry from valpo said...

I hope you don't carry target loads like the ones shown in the clip and case.

For unwanted guests I prefer a sawed off 12ga. side by side. Not like I have would anything like that.

Dan from Madison said...

Good eye...I don't carry ball, only hollow points.

Annie said...
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Snakeye said...

So I'm pretty set at getting the Glock 21 (.45 ACP) at this point... any arguements for or against?

Dan from Madison said...

Well I can't argue for or against the Glock since I have never shot one. I am personally not a Glock fan, they just don't fit my hands and I have never liked the trigger. Not that it is bad, just different and not to my liking.

That is why I ended up with my HK. I probably held every single plastic fantastic .45 on the market and the HK just felt the best in my hand. I have heard that the Glocks are extremely reliable. I can speak from my experience with the HK USP - I have never had a failure of any kind. I probably have 1000 rounds through my .45. The kick is heavy though. A box or two is all I want to deal with at a range session before I start to get sore. It isn't hammer bite, rather the top of the backstrap slamming back into the webbing that smarts. It really roars. My USP is in a four inch barrel - I can't imagine what it would feel like with a three inch. Yikes.

I recommend that you hold and shoot as many as you can and make a decision from there. I don't think you can go wrong with a HK, but it may not fit your hand very well.

My next .45 (and there will be a next one) will be a more traditional looking one, like a Colt Commander or a Kimber.

Jonathan said...

You can't go wrong with the Glock 21 if it fits your hands (it's big).

Annie said...

Cops carry Glocks and the ones I know have never trash talked them. Must be something to be said about that.

I've only shot a couple Glocks, but the grip-to-lever stuff was a reach for me. Specifically, the slide release lever (one that an extended, and one that wasn't), and the mag release was a stretch even moreso.

My Kimber 1911 is a better fit, and I have not had the grips slimmed. It's never had a cough or sputter from right out of the box. I have a little less than 3,000 rounds through it and not one jam yet.

It's a compact, so it has a harder recoil, too... but not unmanageable. I just wouldn't want to shoot all day with it like I would a 686 Smith with the 6" barrel! But that would be like trying to conceal/carry a bazooka!

If your palm is sufficiently wide to set that Glock grip comfortably in place and your fingers reach the levers without repositioning your hand each time, I say go for the Glock. If I had one myself, I'd welcome you to the dark side. :)

gerry from valpo said...

Snake, here's my 2¢

I have to agree with Dan, you should buy a concealed sidearm based on your own personal comfort, fit and ease of use. But knockdown power is very important.

I just love HK rifles especially one I had which was an HK 93 in .223, incredibly accurate adjustable turret style peepsight and just a beautiful piece of work. The ultimate assault weapon by far especially when compared to that AK commie garbage. I chopped down a small tree with it once and I only needed one 40 round clip at 50 yards. I will post a photo of that accomplishment in an upcoming contribution to LITGM. Anything from HK just screams quality.

Annie knows her guns. The Kimber is a real sweet tool for sure. Stunning craftsmanship.

HK, Sig Sauer and Glock were my choices the last time I lbought an auto sidearm in '01. Sig and HK were heavy to me and they had more moving parts too. Glock won.

Personally, I just loooovve my Glock Model 22 .40 S&W. As soon as I picked it up it became a natural extension of my arm. Well balanced, incredibly simple, lightweight and a clean tight sight. But I have big hands and small eyes so go figure. Takedown and cleaning is easy and quick. Glock is indestructable too.

My personal conceal/carry choice is the Glock Model 33 in .357. A real mean 'lil sumbitch with a big bite.

But to each his/her own. No arguments when it comes to your personal choice in firearms. Whatever. Choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

What kind of holster is that you use?

Anonymous said...

open carry is not "perfectly legal" as you say. In Madison, after they draw down on you, prone you out, and handcuff you, you will get a disorderly conduct ticket ($424) from the cops, and you may be taken to jail to post on the ticket depending on the circumstances. I know this from "experience".

Dan from Madison said...

Actually in Wisconsin it is legal to carry a sidearm openly. Open carry has not been criminalized. Whether or not your local police arrest you for disorderly conduct is quite another issue.