Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do Unto Others...

Wow Muay Thai class was packed tonight, over twenty people. Lots of new faces, and a few more women have begun to take the classes. We will see if these women fare any better than the last batch. All of them stopped coming for whatever reason.

I have to admit I am progressing at a rapid rate. Having the kick bag in my basement has really helped me practice my hand speed and technique on both punches and kicks. I am starting to get compliments from others on my progression and some affirming nods from the instructor.

Tonight was rewarding in a different sense. I was paired up with a brand new guy, and he reminded me of myself when I started a ten weeks ago. His punches had nothing, his kicks were entirely wrong and he was missing the point of a lot of drills. The instructor always encourages people who have been in Muay Thai for a while to take time to teach the new people.

I remembered how I felt when I started. He was feeling the same way. I told him to slow down, concentrate on technique and have fun. I also told him that I wasn't going to take it easy on him when it came time to spar as nobody ever took it easy on me...that is how you learn. I dominated him, of course...but never hit him hard. He was very thankful for my help and that made me feel great. I guess it is kind of a reward circle that goes around the gym. I was (and still am) helped a lot by the more experienced guys and I feel I owe that to the new people coming up. I like my gym a lot and want it to succeed. By the look of the enrollment the gym is doing fine.

We have three, and maybe four fighters that will represent my gym in the next Madtown Throwdown, which I will be attending. I can't wait to yell my ass off for the guys, all of which I have sparred with. The Madtown Throwdownn is full contact MMA, not just Muay Thai. I don't take Jiu Jitsu yet, but many at my gym take all kinds of different classes - some train to fight in the ring and most that come out of the gym are doing pretty well.

We had two fighters in the Monroe Meltdown and both won by knockout, both absolutely destroying their opponents before the fights got to the mat. The head of the gym believes in getting his MMA fighters prepared for stand up fighting with Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu for the ground game. These guys doing this are nuts. Literally.

I am starting to think that I am getting a bit nuts myself. I notice myself craving the sparring more and the drills less, as that helps me practice my defense, speed and ring strategy more. I am starting to like the contact more too - taking and giving. Must be some sort of bug. Never did I think that I would like the sport this much, but there is just something about Muay Thai that gets me going. I always leave classes with some sort of great buzz. Maybe it is the endorphins.

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