Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baseball Pool Update, All Star Edition

Well, my boy Prince Fielder flopped big time in the home run derby. Dang. Oh well, I think he will have more chances in the future.

I am seriously worried about the Brewers - the Cubs are red hot and I am afraid since the 'Crew doesn't have any experience whatsoever in a divisional title race that they may meltdown. Then again, the Cubs have a way of disappointing, to say the least. The good news is that the Brewers could still qualify for a wild card even if they lose the division to the Cubs.

The Indians and Tigers are in a duel to the death in the AL Central, with Carl's Sox doing exactly what they were predicted to do by yours truly - sucking out loud.

The Dodgers are only one game out of first place themselves. The Red Sox look to be one of the premier teams in the league so far. The Mets hold a tenuous two game lead over Braves. The Yankees are having a dismal year for their usual standards, and are spending all that $$ to boot. The only team getting less bang for the buck this year is the Cubs, who by rights should be killing everybody with that massive payroll and off season spending spree.

Here are the standings at the traditional half way point of the season.

1. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 53 wins
2. Snakeye (Indians) 52 wins
2. Craig (Tigers) 52 wins
3. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 49 wins
3. Graphix (Dodgers) 49 wins
4. PS Indy (Mets) 48 wins
5. JohnnyJ (Cubs) 44 wins
6. John (Yankees) 42 wins
7. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 39 wins

Total winnings if the pool stopped today: $49 - Pretty measly I have to agree, but I honestly thought a lot of these teams would stink it up more than they have been so far. If the winnings end up being a low figure, I will probably just pay the winner the total amount and all of you can owe me a drink sometime. No sense sending tiny amounts of $$ across the country.


johnnyj said...

Gotta love the fact that Ichiro was the all-star game MVP (at least if you're from Seattle)...The HR "derby" was...BLEH...I honestly was cheering for Prince...
Went to the game last night vs. Detroit and the M's got robbed, the ump made some HORRIBLE calls and couldn't decide what "his" strike zone was...

HERE COME THE afraid Dan...

Dan from Madison said...

DAMN I am afraid, the collapse seems to be imminent.

johnnyj said...

The imminent collapse of the Brew Crew; the Cubs OWN them (series) this year...

MMMMMMM...fat squirrels...