Monday, July 23, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 23

I have been so involved in the Brewers season that I have hardly had time to keep up with the other divisional races. The Crew hasn't surrendered one game to the hated Cubs since the All Star Break, and I hope they can keep it that way. Their bats have gone a bit cold as of late, but the fact that they are still holding off the Cubs tempers that a bit. We have lost Sheets (again) for a month and that could end up being a killer - it will all come down to arms for the Crew.

The current standings:

1. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 59 wins
2. Snakeye (Indians) 58 wins
2. Craig (Tigers) 58 wins
3. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 55 wins
3. PS Indy (Mets) 55 wins
3. Graphix (Dodgers) 55 wins
4. JohnnyJ (Cubs) 51 wins
4. John (Yankees) 51 wins
5. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 43 wins

I can't believe how tight this pool is. Total winnings if the pool stopped today: 46 measly bucks. Like I said before, if the total winnings stay this low I will just send the winner the amazon gift certificate myself and all the rest of you can buy me a beer sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Go Yankees!