Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NFL Possibly Losing a Customer

I never thought there would be the day when I seriously considered giving up my Bears season tickets, but it seems that the day may well be approaching.

It would be easy to give up on going to the Bear games if they enacted a PSL for my seats. That I have written about before, and it is one of my "lines in the sand" when it comes to the Bears. Or any team for that matter.

The football game days, as much as I love them, are loooong, and I am getting tired of it. Two and a half hours each way in the car = five hours drive time every game. I have to admit I love the tailgating and the camaraderie with my friends. Nothing beats that part. And, of course I put others to shame with my shrimp/ribs spread. But ugh...a couple times last year it took me almost FIVE hours to get home due to the insane Chicago traffic. Yep, Sunday evening. The Kennedy is socked in now 24/7. It truly is a game of luck and chance as to your fate when leaving the Big City.

The Vikings game scarred me last year - it was TEN degrees at game time and our beer was freezing in our cups. I think the wind chill was well below zero - I just can't handle that crap anymore.

Summary - every Sunday I go to a Bear game is gone - nothing else productive can be done. I leave my house at around 6 am and get back somewhere around 7 pm. If there is good traffic. Like I said earlier, a couple times last year I got home at 10 pm. FOR A NOON START!

Perusing this season's schedule, the opener this year (which I must attend...because it is the opener) starts at 3.15 pm vs. the Chefs. DAMN! There is a distinct possibility I won't get home until midnight from that one. The next game is against the Cowboys, the team I loved when I was a kid - I would really like to attend that one, but it is a night game. No dice. All the rest start at noon, until later in the season when the NFL has its "flex schedule" games and we all have no clue when those start.

I had been dealing with this pretty well until last year when the Bears had two extra playoff games at the end - I simply could not make it to the NFC Championship game. I was exhausted.

Can you believe that? I was so pissed at the traffic and so tired that I just said "f*ck it" to the biggest game ever at the new Soldier Field, and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I watched it in the comfort of my home, Astronomicon at my side, taunting the Bear (or, more properly, Rex) haters over there as we destroyed the 'Aints on the way to the Super Bowl.

So the inconvenience factor is huge, but as I mentioned, it is always fun to go to the games and catch up with the old buds and have a few beers and pig out. Now there is another factor. The NFL or National Felon League.

The behavior this last year from these athletes has been absolutely abhorrent. I will exclude no team. Besides the fact that all of these guys (practically) are pounding 'roids, growth hormone and everything else, now they are all acting criminally on a scale that I can't ever remember. Sure, in the past we had our Hollywood Hendersons, Nate Newtons, OJs and Mark Chmuras, but now it seems to me that every day I am reading about some NFL athlete getting into trouble. Brawls, illegal/unsafe firearm usage, drugs, dog fighting (!), domestic battery, picking up hookers, and all other sorts of mayhem have been committed by NFL players very recently.

I am disgusted. And this is just the shit we are hearing about!

You can see where I am going with this - I don't want to give these people my money.

As the saying goes, "I have had it up to here" with the likes of these people. My limit has almost been reached. If the NFL can't clean itself up by the end of this year, I think I am out. I have already paid for this year, so I will be in for it, but I am thinking five or six games tops, because of the inconvenience factor mentioned above.

Nobody is making me go to these games and it seriously pisses me off that my money is going to finance these immature, stupid actions that hurt society.

Frankly, at this point, I would rather be working out or spending time with my family. Time will tell.

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