Friday, June 22, 2007

Life in a Condo

Last night I was kind of out of it waiting for the elevator in our building. I hit the up button in the lobby and was about to get into the elevator when I saw a huge dog just standing in the elevator, by himself.

The dog was pretty good natured... it seems like the little dogs are high maintenance but the big dogs are just happy to be there. I talked to the doorman and he recognized the dog so I took him up to his floor where the owner was waiting. Apparently the dog came from a floor where the elevator opens up directly into a unit (i.e. they own the whole floor) and he wandered in. The owner only seemed mildly surprised, the dog must have done this before.

If you think about it - must be strange for a large dog to live in a high rise condo. He lives way up in the sky, looking out the window. As soon as the dogs get on the elevator they put their nose right by the crack in the elevator where it opens and stare intently (just like the big dog in the picture) - they know that in their world, the elevator is the path to salvation. As soon as the elevator opens they bound out towards the lobby to the world of canine smells and stimulation. There are a lot of big dogs in the building, and they seem to do pretty well.

A long time ago I used to live in a building at the corner of Clark and Diversey called Rienzi Plaza. We didn't realize it when we moved in, but there were a lot of "section 8" or low income renters there. One of the first days we were waiting in the lobby for the elevator the same thing happened, except that it was a toddler instead of a big dog standing by himself in the elevator, with no parent. We went to the doorman and he knew which apartment / floor the child lived in so he took the kid up to his parents, who didn't seem much more surprised than the dog owner in my current building.

Now that's an odd connection...


Carl from Chicago said...

that building should bring back some memories for Dan

Dan from Madison said...

Boy does it ever.

Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack. I won't share anything else as this is a family blog.