Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hussein in Kuwait, and old Animosities Break out

I realize that it is fashionable (among many) to blame America for all that is wrong in the Middle East, and to look at Iraq as a cauldron of fire that we caused through our policies. However, here is a bit of reality.

From Strategy & Tactics, a great magazine that Dan and I highly recommend, in their recent issue #243:

"During their invasion of Kuwait, launched on August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein's troops captured 606 members of that nation's armed forces. By the time of Kuwait's liberation in the following year at the climax of Operation Desert Storm, all but one of those prisoners of war had been executed."

Remember - this all happened in one year... don't feel nostalgic for Saddam's old regime, and their evil designs on their neighbors. The Kurds certainly don't, nor do the Shiites. The current situation may be bad, but the old situation was far worse.

In addition to this, those that blame America and colonialism for everything must be doing a little bit of head scratching with the situation in Gaza. Apparently Fatah (Arafat's old corrupt cronies) are engaging in open civil war with the loonies in Hamas. This one really can't be blamed on colonialism or the British or even the Israelis... when left alone, the two groups decide to fight to the death to see who gets to open the Western and UN aid packages first. Don't forget Lebanon, where the army is also battling it out in a heavy duel with insurgents in a refugee camp. And Turkey / Kurds on the Turkish border, where the Turkish armed forces are seriously considering an outright invasion to stop PKK raids across the "border" (border of what would be a Kurdish homeland if the Kurds had any rights to statehood). The US and colonialism (and possibly even Israel) will ultimately just be standing by while these new and long simmering feuds break out into the open...

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