Friday, June 29, 2007

A Day at Miller Park, Part Three

Part one is here, part two is here. Click any photo for larger.

One of the few gripes I have about Miller Park is the extreme volume of the loudspeakers. We had nose bleed seats and we were up by the speakers. Damn they were loud. My kid could hardly handle it.
But every seat is good at Miller Park from a visual perspective as you can see in this shot.
And every seat was filled as you can see from this photo down the right field line.
It was truly a junk food festival and I bought my kid some Cracker Jacks. The prize was super lame and there were almost zero peanuts inside. I am giving the Cracker Jacks a big thumbs down.
In between one of the innings they dragged out someone in a chicken costume and tried to get everybody to do the chicken dance. It was a failure and I even heard some people booing them out of there. Must have been bitter wedding reception attendees from the night before.
Everyone was there for one and only one set of costumes and those are the sausages. The world famous sausage race will be featured in the final part of this series, part 4.


Dan from Madison said...

I just noticed that if you enlarge the photo of the field that you can see the ball midflight between the mound and the plate - I have always love this Fuji F10 camera.

Jonathan said...

That is a cool pic. It would look good as a large print.

Dan from Madison said...

I think I will try one of these online companies that makes those. Any experience with them?

Annie said...

Yeah, on to more important issues:

Since when the heck does Cracker Jack come in a "bag"?? Admittedly, the last purchase I made was about three years ago when I bought enough boxes for every kid in my daughter's class to have one...

Jonathan said...

I've used Shutterfly, Mpix and EZprints. They're all OK. I suggest Shutterfly. They give you more control over image adjustments than some of the other printers do.