Friday, June 08, 2007

Bare Naked Wood

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Using plain old sandpaper and elbow grease I have started to bring this walnut stock down to the bare wood. This thing is dented and gouged to the bejeezus. I am thinking about steaming out some of the dents, but may not. It isn't like this is a collectors item, but it certainly would look nicer. Next week we get some heat and sun, so back into the cosmo cooker for sure, probably twice or three times depending on how it works.


Annie said...

Wow! You really have your work cut out for you! I agree with the "more cosmo" dealie. Couldn't hurt.
Meanwhile, I'm gonna start looking around and see if one of these follows me home!:
Ain't THAT a pretty sight?? I love walnut, too! And I'd much rather teach my girl how to shoot using a bolty than a semi auto first.

Dan from Madison said...

OHHHH THAT RIFLE IS NIICE. Yes, definitely more cosmo cooker next week for me - it is really in that stock, but I will get it out. Promise.

Annie said...

Looks like they list at $409 on the net, which is typically higher than my Mom&Pop store (and that is typically higher than big box stores).
Next week I have to work a couple days from 8AM to 9:30PM, so I'm treating myself to a couple days off the following week. We're going to head up to the mitten and go to Dundee for a couple days. (Cabela's here I come!) I'm hoping to snag a CZ deal with my Cabela points and a few dead presidents. Wish me luck!

astro said...

I've been biting my tongue for a while, but since you've finally admitted it yourself I guess I can speak freely.

That stock is beat all to hell. Since it's not a battle rifle it's all abuse anyway, so there is no use in preserving the scars. You could probably steam a few dents out but you won't make it pretty. I suggest you just keep it as-is.

Although you keep saying it is swimming in cosmo, it looks pretty clean to me. You are going to shellac it anyway, so it isn't like it will be weeping cosmo on a sunny day like an oil rubbed finish might.

Give it a once-over with some fine sandpaper and then polish it with steel wool. Some walnut stain will even out the dark spots, and the shellac will make it bulletproof (sts).

It is a pretty piece of wood and once upon a time, long before it got its scars, it would have been worth highlighting. What you've got now is a shooter, and you should treat it as such.

Having said all that, if it were my gun I think I'd take the time and give it a nice hand-rubbed finish with some BLO, even if it wasn't the original finish. I'm a sucker that way.

Either way, it'll shoot the same. That's all it really wants to do anyway. Keep it alive and get it back out on the range.

astro said...

BTW, that's a sweet rifle Annie's got picked out. I wholeheartedly recommend a boltie first. When you have to make every shot count, you really learn how to shoot.

Annie said...

Thanks, Astro!
I know what you mean. I have a Marlin 60 (lever action) but it would frustrate the heck out of her.
It's the original Jam-O-Matic.
No matter what I do or what ammo I shoot.
Hmm...I should start a blog about it! :p

Dan from Madison said...

Tx 'stro since you have been doing this much longer than me your opinion is valued.

Yep it is beat to hell that is for sure. You have to believe me when I say it is totally impregnated with cosmo, at least a half inch down. Just for kicks I took a heat blow gun (basically an industrial hair dryer) to the butt this evening and the cosmo almost instantly started weeping out - it was insane - I have some good photos I will be posting about this next week. I am off to visit relatives this weekend so I will have to wait until Monday to put up a post.

I really don't want to put her back together if the second I start shooting and the barrel warms up it starts leeching, or just on a hot day sitting there - I believe you said you had a Mauser that did that.

I agree now, there are simply too many dents to steam but I may try a few just to get practice since someday I may get a stock with nicer wood. The cosmo is starting to get me pissed off but I have to deal with it before I start shooting.

Dan from Madison said...

Astro - in this photo I originally thought it was water damage - unfortunately for me it is cosmo.

Annie said...

Geez!! How many applications of cosmoline do you think that stock originally took??

Dan from Madison said...

I think one large one, and it sat around in it for fifty years.