Monday, June 25, 2007

Art Altenburg's Concertina Bar, Part Two

Part two of a three part series. For part one of the Concertina Bar, click here. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Here is a shot of the bar from the front area looking toward the rear.
Art actually had his Concertina Bar patented. It is the only one in the United States. And he has the proof on the wall.
And here is Art himself. He has been doing this for about thirty years. An interesting guy to chat with. I settled down at the bar and hesitatingly ordered a Sprecher Amber on tap. Don't get me wrong - the beer is fine, but as a rule these types of bars clean their tap lines out about once every millenium. Turns out it was just fine.

As is tradition in my family, my dad and I asked him about a million questions. Everything from what this building was before he bought it (a union hall) to where he was from (Mosinee, WI I think he said) to how much he was selling the joint for ($375k).
Below are two photos, the second is a photo of a photo. It was a large photo on the back wall of the joint that I decided to take a random photo of. Can you see all the things that have not changed in the 25 years between when these snaps were taken? For starters, look at the chips hanging on the cooler. How many more things can you spot that haven't moved? On the same place where you see him playing his concertina all those years ago, we were treated to a song. That will be for you to see in the final part of this three part series.

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