Saturday, April 28, 2007

"X" Marks the Spot

As I was looking at the Brewers website (sorry, I mean the first place Brewers), I stumbled upon this interesting bit of trivia. The Brewers this summer are going to erect a plaque at the spot where Hank Aaron's last home run ended its flight on July 20, 1976. Aaron is expected to attend the ceremony for the dedication of the plaque.

This is made all the more interesting because of the timing. Bonds will be capturing Aaron's record sometime this summer as the all time home run king.
That debate will rage forever, with the allegations of Bonds using performance enhancing drugs.

I have my own opinions on the discussion (Aaron will always be the king).

The Brewers hired an engineering professor and a few of his students to get out the plans for old County Stadium (demolished to make way for Miller Park) and had to determine the flight of the ball and when the flight of the ball stopped.
I just noticed something. The person spray painting the "X" above looks to have a NEW YORK METS HAT ON. COME ON!!!
At the beginning of the article you can see a link to the video of Aaron's last homer. What a sweet swing he had even for an old man.

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johnnyj said...

Yes, credit to Hammerin' Hank! I LOVE his position and shunning of the media while Bonds chases his record: He wants nothing to do with it. I don't blame him.

Sweetest swing you say? I give that nod to an old Mariner: the natural, Ken Griffey Jr.

You have to love the fact that he's never been tied to steroid use.

Regardless, A-rod will likely be the homerun king in a few years...He's on pace to hit 130 this year!