Monday, April 09, 2007

Wisconsin Parking Exam

Here is another submission by Frank Borger.Lots of folks in Wisconsin aren’t as good at parking as the flatlanders are in Chicago. Part of the cause is that we just have a lot of land and never have to worry about parallel parking or getting that elusive parking spot in Wrigleyville. In any case, you tend to see a lot more of the above out in the boonies here.

Our neighbor down the road, however, has a special problem.

  • He has a driveway with a dropoff of about 1 foot or so on one side,
  • From the other side of the driveway, (toward the door to the house,) you can’t see the dropoff.
  • He typically has several vehicles stacked 2 or 3 deep in his driveway, leading to parking lot shuffle and the ensuing errors like the above.

You’d think to ask, who was the dumb builder that put in that driveway? Anybody with a few brain cells would suggest taking that brick wall up a couple of courses higher. That way you’d see the edge of the driveway much better, and the wall could help stop you from driving off.

Well folks,

  • The guy that owns the house works in construction.
  • The driveway congestion is usually due to company or personal work vehicles.
  • He’s done his own garage, (two story,) driveway, landscaping etc.

Somehow I don’t think I’d hire him to work on my house.

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annie said...

Geez! That's just insane!