Friday, April 13, 2007

Where It Is Sunny and Warm

I have a week of vacation coming up and it couldn't be coming at a better time.

This winter has been insane, and last weeks spring blizzard was just winter's last kick in the nuts it seemed. The snow weight collapsed my damned gazebo that I had set up with the thought that Spring was coming -" why not?" I said. The daffodils (since crushed under a foot of snow) are coming up.

After seeing my gazebo ruined I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I will be gone for a week, but will hopefully be re energized and ready to go when I get back. I will be updating the baseball pool regularly and have a great summer planned with lots of bike riding, Muay Thai, restoring a couple of guns and being outdoors PRETTY MUCH ALL THE TIME while not at work. It is the least I can do after being cooped up all winter.

Anyway, Carl will be blogging no doubt, although it is tax time and he is busy too. Maybe Frank Borger will drop Carl an email with a post or two as well.

One interesting note - on my vacation I have a day of sport fishing planned with a very special guest - more details on that upon my return. Hopefully I will hook on to the Goliath Grouper like this guy:

"Catch" you later.


Carl from Chicago said...

Wow that is a huge fat fish... hope the weather is better when you return

Dan from Madison said...

I will try to bring some warmth back with me.

Jonathan said...

Holy cow! er, fish. How come there's only one fisherman in the photo? I am wondering what happened to the other guy. Maybe he hooked a real Goliath, unlike the immature specimen in your pic, and in a moment of inattention was dragged over the side. It happens all the time. But the sport fishing industry pays off the victims' families quick and has the media in its pocket so most people never learn the truth.