Friday, April 27, 2007

Things That Upset Me Greatly

At left is a photo (click for larger) of part of my yard, facing south. You can see that several signs (four in this photo are in my yard and also note signs across the street) have been placed down to remind everyone of the 25 mph speed limit. The cops have been pulling people over lately by my house as well. Since I took this photo a garage sale sign has appeared just behind where this photo was taken.

I live on a corner lot that gets a fair amount of traffic during the day. It isn't like living in a busy city or anything like that, don't get me wrong. As far as I know as long as I have lived in this neighborhood (almost 7 years) there has never been a car/kid accident.

I don't mind the premise of trying to remind people to slow down, but it would be nice if just once before people start cluttering up my lawn that they simply ASK ME before they put up these signs and garage sale signs. My wife knows that this really pisses me off, but likes the message of the signs as well, so we made a deal that they could stay up a few days before I destroy them. The garage sale sign comes down immediately.

Just ASK, that is all I want. Sheesh.


CZ said...

Here's a 'lil "Fun With Guns" tip from CZ.

On the day after elections, I like to drive around and collect political 'lawn signs' that are placed out in the Indiana countryside near rural intersections.

It has nothing to do with saving the environment or cleaning up a mess. Nope. And it has nothing to do with republicans or democrats.

These signs serve a valuable purpose.

I use them for target practice!

The best kind are made with coreplast (corrugated plastic).

I take them out to my farm, stick them in the ground in front of a hill and tape paper plates to them. Then I place those day-glo stickie dots on the center of the paper plates, get back and fire away!

They hold up to wind nicely and cost nothing.

Dan from Madison said...

Kickass idea, I will save the ones that I planned on tossing for that reason. They are the coreplast type, as you described.

Jonathan said...

Yew kids git off my lawn!.

CZ said...

: )

Dan from Madison said...

Whoa not that obsessive with the lawn...