Monday, April 16, 2007

Real Estate by Mind over Matter

Here is another post from Frank Borger... I appreciate the blogging help since Dan is out of town!

There is this great magazine called “the Monthly Aspectarian” that wends it way from NW Chicago out to the boonies here. Without it, we would be cut off from knowing about the wonders of alternative medicine, meditation, whole foods, the whole gamut of things that get yuppies salivating. I always read it to learn new ways of coping in this strenuous life. As an example, this month one reader wrote in to the magazine’s equivalent of Ann Landers:

Dear Louise,

My mother-in-law’s house has been for sale since June (almost nine months), but there have been no offers. She and my husband own it together. I’ve cleaned and staged it and done my affirmations. I even buried a small statue of St. Joseph in the yard, but still nothing. She has moved to a senior complex, as she’s elderly and could really use the money. We could, too, for that matter. Any suggestions you could give would be appreciated!

D.J., St. Louis, MO

You know, I never would have thought that burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard would help me sell a house. Now I know the real reason for the current slump in housing sales. Just shows you what I missed when I got my degree in Physics.

Anyway, the column writer, Louise Hay, responded thusly:

Dear D.J.,

You certainly have started out well by clearing the energy in the house. Now it’s time to get out of your own way! Unfortunately, the old adage is true: What we resist, persists. You can actually allow the universe to bring to you that which you desire by focusing on something else for a while. In other words, for the next week, do something else other than worry about the house. Spontaneously call friends and go to dinner and a movie; do your favorite exercise or walk every day—basically, be creative. What do you love to do? Paint, dance, knit, write, sing?

See how wrong I was? I would have gone out and cleaned the drapes, walls, carpets etc and cleaned out the junk that invariably collects after many years. All I really had to do was “allow the universe to bring me what I desire.”

Louise then continued:

And remember, this is fun. Make a game out of everything you do this week and make sure you don’t talk to anyone, even your spouse, about the house or your mother-in-law. Let me know what happens after the week is over!

My buddy Bill builds houses for a living and he’s having trouble getting what he wants for the last one he built. I’m gonna rush over and show him this article. If Bill spends a week doing the things he likes, (fishing, boating, drinking beer, etc,) I’m sure it will really help him sell that house.

Only one problem. If Bill makes a game out of everything he does this week, I think his wife will start wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

(For extra credit, google St Joseph and you will be surprised how many sites offer kits for using buried St Joseph statues to sell your house.) One site even offers statue kits in bulk for Real Estate salespeople. Somehow I think sales of those kits might be good in California.

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