Sunday, April 01, 2007

Opening Day!

It's on! As a reminder, we have the following people playing in the pool:

Carl from Chicago has the Chicago White Sox
Craig has the Detroit Tigers
JohnnyJ has the Chicago Cubs
Snakeye from the Frag has the Cleveland Indians
PS Indy from Hobart has the New York Mets
Dan from Madison has the Milwaukee Brewers
PSL Dave has the Boston Red Sox
John of the Bulgarian Underground Railroad has the New York Yankees
Graphix has the Los Angeles Dodgers

Annie had to drop out, but I will still take a poke at her Marlins now and then. If you forgot the rules, you can find them here.

Play Ball!


johnnyj said...

Ahhh, finally! I'm looking forward to going to the ballpark tomorrow to watch the start of another painful year for the Mariners.

A good mix of teams in the pool! Surprisingly, the brew crew doesn't look too bad! I see that the Cubs and Brewers play next weekend...Sidebet action, or is it too early?

Dan from Madison said...

What the hell, lets put a sixer on the series, whaddya say jj?

johnnyj said...

Sweet! I'm in dan! Play ball! It's only appropriate that we get the sidebet action rolling!

Also, every team in the pool is a legitimate contender (except Cleveland).

This is going to be fun.

Dan from Madison said...

Yea, the paper had a big spread saying the Brew Crew could possibly win 90 games and make the playoffs. That would be big news. It could happen if the top three pitchers (Sheets, Capuano, Suppan) can stay healthy.

johnnyj said...

That is a decent rotation...Can Big Ben finally win 20 games? Your offense needs to step up too...Rickie Weeks is decent in the lead-off spot if he can stay healthy. Prince is a rising star and should continue to produce...Who the hell is Bill Hall?

Some sports writers even picked the brew crew to finish second in the NL central...Unbelievable.

Dan from Madison said...

Yea, Sheets has proven fragile over the years. He can win 20 - if healthy.

Bill Hall is the player everybody wants. He filled in at short last year when JJ Hardy went down. He is slated to play center this year. He can play just about any position, and hit .270 last year.

There is no reason the Brewers can't finish second in that pretty weak division - I honestly don't think the Cardinals are all that and a bag of chips either. Your Flubs and the Bucs will battle it out for the cellar.