Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gunshow Thoughts

Well, that was interesting.

I went to a gun show for the first time today and it was very fun. I always try to learn a few things when I do something and today was no exception.

To start, they didn't allow any cameras. There wasn't exactly high security there so I could have taken pictures if I wanted, but didn't feel the need.

It was much larger than I thought it would be. I spent about three hours there. By then my head was spinning.

I looked at a few model 10 Smith and Wessons, both selling for $350 each. Neither were worth a dime. Both of them did not lock up very well and on one the bore was incredibly bad. Not sure what happened to that one.

In the whole place I saw only ONE Ruger Mark 2 and zero Mark ones. There weren't even very many Mark 3's. This was the biggest surprise of the whole thing to me. The Mark 2 is probably one of the most popular handguns ever produced and there was only one there. There were more Single Sixes I saw than the Mark series.

The Mark 2 they had wasn't to my liking too much so I put it back after playing with it for a while.

All of the tables had signs that said ask before handling the guns, but everyone ingnored those except me. I figure why not create at least a little good will with the dealer if you may purchase something. There were a lot of mil-surps, mostly Springfields, Garands, Mausers, Krags and Mosins. There was not one K-31 in the whole show for me to look at.

Surprisingly enough I saw not one, not two but three of James's favorite gun, the broomhandle Mauser! I got to pick one up and dink with it a bit - one was priced at $2200, one at $3500 and one the dealer wouldn't give me the time of day.

There were a ton of hunting rifles, new and used. Many AR-15 styles were there too. I have one of those on my list for someday, but not for a while yet. They are typically very expensive and I would rather spend my money elsewhere for the moment.

I did pick up some 7.5 x 55 ammo for my K-31's, not bargain basement, but I didn't get ripped off either. I also found two slings for them! They were only $14 each. I asked the dealer if they were originals and he stumbled...I assume they are not. But they are leather, and I will check the markings later to see if they are original or not. He didn't have the muzzle caps I will need to finish off those projects. I think I will get some on eBay that I saw. I also picked up some cleaning stuff on the cheap and a few tools that I will need later that I didn't have. I spent a total of about $100.

In general there just wasn't a lot that had to do with my K-31's at this show. I saw more old Japanese WW2 rifles there than K-31's believe it or not.

I was very quiet most of the time and was listening to the conversations going on at the tables. It is quickly apparent that there is a lot of bullshitting going on. Some guns I know a lot about, some I know nothing about. It was interesting to hear some of the stories and misinformation about some of the guns that were being bought and sold. Buyer beware.

All in all, everyone was friendly and I learned a lot. It was very relaxing and I scored basically what I went in for - slings for my K-31's.

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annie said...

Could have been worse. You could have been a female. *IF* I catch the attention of a dealer with my question or comment, the answer is generally directed to the male standing nearest me. THAT sucks!