Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gun Show

Today there is a gun show just outside of Madison, in a decent size hotel. Besides military memorabilia shows, I have never been to a full fledged gun show.

It should be interesting. There are very few gun dealers in and around Madison (I think I can count them on one hand) and it will be good to see some new faces. The gun dealers around here have a pretty captive audience since they are so few and are able to charge premiums. I would estimate that they get away with 25% up charges on most items that they sell. But what are you going to do if you want a gun? I found that out with my recent K-31 purchase. You can pay the premium or pay a $50 ffl fee and freight - about the same amount of money for most of the things I buy.

Anyway I am not really looking to add to my gun collection which stands as of this moment at around ten pieces. Unless I run into one of the following - Nice Ruger Mark I or Mark II, or another K-31 on the cheap, and maybe a .22 lever action if I see something that catches my eye. I have been reading a lot on the K-31's and they are fascinating to me - extremely well built, and nice pieces of history to boot, with the chance of the troop tag in the butt. Oh yea, I will be keeping my eye out for some surplus bulk 7.5x55 Swiss ammo and some accessories for my K-31's. I need slings and muzzle caps for both.

I have just started restoring my old walnut K-31 and it is turning out quite nice. I need some good weather (PLEASE) to get outside and really give the stock a good scrubbing with some super hot water, a sponge, a six pack (whoops, that is for me) and some mild dish soap. I think I will see how that goes, then move forward with mineral spirits if needed - from everything I have read it will not take off the original shellac which the Swiss used, just the crud. Then it is forward to the cosmoline cooker for the stock.

But that is later, today I am packing my bore light, some ca$h, and my best attitude. I am looking forward to relaxing a bit today strolling the aisles, seeing what treasures will be on the tables at the gun show.

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