Monday, April 02, 2007

Conference Loyalty

The old chant for us Illini (and other Big Ten teams) fans goes...
O How I Hate
O Hio State

Tonight for the hoops championship stupid Florida, who has won the last basketball title AND football title plays stupid Ohio State, who I spend an inordinate amount of time hating.

I have heard many, many times over the years how I am supposed to be a Big Ten fan, because that is the conference that houses my beloved Fighting Illini.

Well, I have finally had enough.

I am going to publicly state once and for all that I am proud to say I would rather see teams from other conferences succeed then see teams like Ohio State win national titles. I was sick to my stomach when Ohio State won the whole shebang in football a couple of years back.

I especially hate the Buckeyes and, of course Michigan. Conference loyalty doesn't do squat for me! It doesn't help the Illini get one decent recruit or land one good jump shooter. I spend the whole football season HATING all of the other Big Ten teams, and it is time I started hating them in the post season too.

Just saying what all of you are thinking...


CZ said...

Well said.


Why do they always refer to it as THE Ohio State University?

There are times when I see a pregame pro player intro on MNF, after they place the player on screen the thick necked linemen will look into the camera and say, "Phil McCracken, offensive guard, THE Ohio State University".

And I don't remember who the player was last season who introduced himself as 'Joe Blow, free safety, THE University of Chief Iliniwek'. I swear this happened and both my woman and I looked at each other and laffed out loud.

Dan from Madison said...

I have always wondered that myself. Signed, THE Dan from Madison.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I saw the same MNF introduction and had a good laugh too.

My sons and I are Illini grads. Hate Michigan with a passion, but not Ohio State. Just sayin'.