Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 9

Again, the Indians and Mariners get snowed out. Geez that is getting old.The Yankees get a good outing from Pavano, who goes seven innings giving up only 2 runs and their bats come alive to get the win over the Twins 8-2. Bobby Abreau hits a homer and collects 4 RBI and A-Rod hits his fifth homer in six games.
Detroit drops one to the Orioles 6-2. Cabrera goes 7.2 innings giving up only two runs for Baltimore, while Durbin only makes it 4.2 giving up six runs. Kevin Millar collects his second homer of the season.

The Mets smash Philly 11-5. Philly was winning 5-4 but the Mets score a touchdown in the bottom of the eighth to gain the victory. Hamels goes six giving up two runs for Philly, but their bullpen blows it, while their horrific defense gives up four unearned runs.

The Cubs lose to Houston 5-3, dropping their home opener. Holy crap that must have been cccooollldd out there. Adam Everett hits a two run homer off Howry in the top of the eighth to break a 3-3 tie and ruin the day for the Cubs fans. I spent $300m in the off season and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
The Dodgers finally cool off a bit, losing to the Rockies 6-3. Jeff Francis allows only two runs in 6.2 innings and the Rocks use their speed (Taveras and Matsui) to score runs against the Dodgers. Jeff Baker had three hits including an RBI triple for Colorado.
The Brewers stink it up again, this tim against Annie's Marlins 5-3. Miguel Cabrera hit his third homer and drove in three runs for the Marlins. Jeff Suppan lost his second straight for Milwaukee, allowing five runs in six innings. At least the bullpen held them down from there, but with inactive bats it was too late. The Brewers have got to start scoring bunches of runs or they will be out of it by the all star break - again. And there is no reason they can't - they have a good lineup, maybe they will get it going. They better or all is lost for another year.

Carl's Sox get it done against Oakland, 4-1. Contreras comes back from his opening day debacle to go six strong innings and Podsednik and Thome get a homers to power the Sox.

1. PS Indy (Mets) 5 wins
2. Graphix (Dodgers) 4 wins
3. JohnnyJ (Cubs) 3 wins
3. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 3 wins
3. Craig (Tigers) 3 wins
3. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 3 wins
3. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 3 wins
3. John (Yankees) 3 wins
4. Snake (Indians) 2 wins

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