Saturday, April 07, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 6

So last night is the first night I was able to actually sit down and enjoy a game on TV, and it was the Brewers and JohnnyJ's hated Cubs. The Cubs put up 6(!) in the first inning on their way to a 9-3 rout of Milwaukee. The Brewers starter Bush got it together after that horrid first inning, pitching the next five innings almost perfectly. But the first inning still counts last time I checked. Hill pitched seven innings only giving up one run - the Brewers had absolutely no idea how to handle him. The line score only shows the Brewers with one error but their defense was atrocious.

In one play there were FIVE crappy events by the Brewers. Cubs hit the ball deep to center, and Bill Hall totally misplayed it (should have been an error). Then he makes a terrible throw to the second baseman, who in turn makes a fielding error on that awful throw. THEN the second baseman makes an awful throw to the plate (runner safe) AND THEN the catcher almost throws it down the left field line trying to get the advancing runner out at third (runner safe again). It was pathetic. The Crew needs to win today and tomorrow or else I send a sixer out to JohnnyJ.

Mike Mussina gets rocked for six earned runs in four innings and the Yankees go on to lose to the Orioles 6-4. Markakis goes 2 for 5 with a double and 2 RBI for Baltimore.

Craig's Tigers didn't do much better than my Brewers, losing 3-1 to the lowly Royals. De La Rosa goes seven strong innings for KC only giving up one run. Verlander went six innings for the Tigers giving up zero earned runs - too bad his team didn't help with any run support.

PS looks to have the smart choice early in the season as the Mets crush Atlanta 11-1. Reyes goes 3 for 6 with 4 RBI including a triple. Perez goes seven strong innings, giving up only one earned run. If they stay healthy, the Mets look like a force this year.

Seattle and Cleveland played to within one out of a complete game after THREE SNOW DELAYS. They have rescheduled the game to be played today as part of a doubleheader, but the forecast shows a 90% chance of snow with accumulation. Where the hell is Al Gore when you need him?

The Dodgers beat their arch rival Giants 2-1. Penny goes seven for LA giving up only one run and the Giants bats fall silent ruining a seven inning two run performance by Lowry. The weather was much nicer there than in Cleveland.
In further global warming news, the Sox were frozen out yesterday against the Twins, and probably will be today as well. We will see.
The Red Sox get blanked by Texas 2-0. Sammy Sosa's bloop single provides the winning run. "Baseball been very very good to me." Tejeda goes seven shutout innings for the Rangers while Wakefield goes six giving up only one earned run for the BoSox.

So the standings:
1. PS Indy (Mets) 4 wins
2. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 2 wins
2. Snake (Indians) 2 wins
2. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 2 wins
2. Graphix (Dodgers) 2 wins
2. JohnnyJ (Cubs) 2 wins
3. Craig (Tigers) 1 win
3. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 1 win
3. John (Yankees) 1 win


snakeye said...

I like the snow picture... it's good.

johnnyj said...

Heh, I like your Sammy Sosa comment: "Baseball been berry berry good to me."

Yeah, I can't believe they called that Seattle/Cleveland game, it was almost official! Byrd had a no-hitter going too...I can't complain though, the M's were getting killed...Sucks for Snake! HA HA!

I hope Zambrano pitches well today!

graphix said...

A friend went to the Indians game...said at one point they actually had shovels and snowblowers clearing the baseline.