Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 3

Kevin Mench hits a two run homer in the bottom of the sixth to give the Brewers a 4-3 victory. Chris Capuano only goes 5 innings with 3 earned runs. Fortunately for the Brewers, the bullpen comes through with four shutout innings, sending Graphix's Dodgers down to their second straight defeat.

The Mets beat the Cardinals for the second straight time in St. Louis, this time 4-1. El Duque goes a strong seven innings only giving up one run for the Mets AND hits a double good for two RBI.

Those are the only tems in action from last night in our pool. The standings:
1. PS Indy (Mets) 2 wins
1. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 2 wins
2. Snake (Indians) 1 win
2. John (Yankees) 1 win
3. Graphix (Dodgers) 0 wins
3. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 0 wins
3. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 0 wins
3. JohnnyJ (Flubs) 0 wins
3. Craig (Tigers) 0 wins

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