Monday, April 30, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 13

Sorry these updates are less than comprehensive, but time only allows so much. Joe Torre is on the hot seat as the Yankees continue to falter and the Brewers have started the season on a high note. I am not too confident though, I have been let down too many times in the past.

One thing is apparent - we have a lot of quality teams in the pool.

The standings:
1. PSL Dave (Red Sox) 16 wins
2. PS Indy (Mets) 15 wins
2. Graphix (Dodgers) 15 wins
2. Dan from Madison (Brewers) 15 wins
3. Snakeye (Indians) 14 wins
4. Craig (Tigers) 13 wins
5. Carl from Chicago (White Sox) 12 wins
6. JohnnyJ (Cubs) 10 wins
7. John (Yankees) 9 wins

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