Monday, April 02, 2007

Baseball Pool Update 1

Well, only one game last night for opening day and PS's Mets beat the defending champ Cardinals 6-1. Glavine goes six innings giving up only one run and the Mets 2-3-4 hitters got all of their RBI. Chris Carpenter gives up five earned runs in six innings - sheesh.

So PS takes the (very) early lead, with most of the real action starting today.

1. PS Indy (Mets) 1 win

2.Carl from Chicago (Chicago White Sox) 0 wins

2.Craig (Detroit Tigers) 0 wins

2.JohnnyJ (Chicago Cubs) 0 wins

2.Snakeye from the Frag (Cleveland Indians) 0 wins

2.Dan from Madison (Milwaukee Brewers) 0 wins

2.PSL Dave (Boston Red Sox) 0 wins

2.John of the Bulgarian Underground Railroad (New York Yankees) 0 wins

2.Graphix (Los Angeles Dodgers) 0 wins

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