Friday, March 16, 2007

Worst "Tagger" Ever

Graffiti is a plague in Chicago. In poorer neighborhoods it is everywhere. Downtown and in River North, for the most part, there is hardly any graffiti or "tagging".

I am not an expert by any means in "tagging". From my limited knowledge this sort of activity was used to mark a territory for gangs and had meanings that the local members understood.

About a week ago I was out for a walk and I noted some skeevy looking guys in River North. One of the white guys in a hooded sweatshirt stopped at this corner, in front of the Infiniti dealer, and "tagged" the pole with a marker. You can see the close up below.

What was this guy trying to prove? I guess according to wikipedia he would be considered a "toy" or inexperienced artist. Why in River North? Is he going to hang out in front of the Infiniti dealer or something? Should I go around "his" pole?

On an odder note, I find it interesting that graffiti in Europe and Australia that I saw used the same style, look or "font" or whatever you'd want to call it as the tagged items here. It is amusing that something that had a purpose in the US has been exported out-of-context around the world.

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annie said...

I live in a depot town and spend half my drive time waiting on switch tracks. MANY train cars are tagged but I never know what any of it means. A lot of it actually looks Chinese to me...but then, since I don't really know what Chinese *looks* like...