Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Smart Money" on Bloggers

"Smart Money" is a monthly magazine published by the same company that produces the Wall Street Journal. They have a "10 things" section that they do every month such as "10 things your realtor won't tell you" or "10 things your broker won't tell you". It makes for kind of an interesting perspective.

My friend Elton sent me an article from the March 2007 issue titled "10 things your blogger won't tell you". It was definitely worth a few laughs.

Here are the rules and my take on them...

1. "Hardly Anyone Reads Me" - includes a quote from Schmidt the CEO of Google (maker of Blogger) who says that "the average blog has just one reader: the blogger". My take - damn straight. Just for grins hit the "next blog" button on the upper right of this blog and it will take you through a universe of blogger blogs, selected at random, which pretty much confirm that fact. The 3 of us struggle to get 100-200 unique visitors a day... and we are not bad, if you ask us ourselves

2. "The more companies pay me, the more I like their stuff" - true, but not here, since no one pays us anything

3. "Did I mention I'm Not a Real Reporter" including the fact that reporters get their facts checked by third parties. True, and that means buyer beware, and on this blog we stick to topics we KNOW, which means we (usually) know MORE about it than a traditional journalist who might not specialize in anything (unless they spent a lifetime shooting or in the energy industry)

4. "I might infect your computer with a virus" - not here, but you should beware the web

5. "I'm revealing company secrets" - not here

6. "Just because my name's on it doesn't mean I wrote it" - not here

7. "My blog is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things" - not here, unless making zero dollars an hour is our aspiration

8. "I can control what you see on the Internet" - not here

9. "Blogging just about ruined my life" - well, it does take us away from family and more productive pastimes, but I wouldn't go that far

10. "I'm already obsolete" the article says that the growth rate for blogs and overall daily postings decreased. It is probably true, and probably good, since most of the blogs (sadly including most of the popular blogs) suck or are just photo pages for one person. In the end, like everything else, the surge will pass and only the pros and semi-pros will stay along, evolving all the way

All in all not a bad perspective. I guess blogs are worth an article. And looking at random blogs hoping for wisdom isn't a great idea... if you look to the left the blogs we link to are blogs we identify with or know people at, once you get an idea it is quality then you may give it a higher level of trust.

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