Friday, March 23, 2007

Caribou Coffee and Paul Krugman

Today I stepped out of work for an hour and sat down at a local Caribou Coffee. I usually am a Starbucks guy, but there is a Caribou right by my work.

I got a medium depth charge and sat down to go over a few things. Sometimes when you need to get a train of thought going it is good to go somewhere and hide out. I had some work things and some personal things to tend to so this was a perfect setup. I thought everything would take me about an hour or more, but I finished my work in just over thirty minutes. It is amazing what I can do when I am not interrupted and can concentrate on what I am doing.

After that I decided to relax and enjoy the rest of my coffee. Next to me were a couple of young women, clearly college students cramming for a test. Spring Break is coming and I assume they had midterms on the way.

Through their conversations (yes, I was eavesdropping) I could decipher that one was studying some sort of anatomy class and the other had an economics test coming.

The girl with the econ test piped up to her friend that the text she was reading was wonderful and helped her understand things so well. She showed it to her friend and I took a peek at it as well - it was written by Paul Krugman. Yes, that Paul Krugman.

It is an unwritten rule at this blog that we don't waste time taking apart idiots like Paul Krugman, Frank Rich and all the rest of the mental midgets at the New York Times as it is just so easy and nothing is gained from it whatsoever.

Astonished at seeing that name as the author of the text I instinctively said "oh my god" out loud - it was quite rude of me but the woman was very nice and just looked at me and said "what?"

I apologized for nosing in on their conversation and just said "I hope there is more than one Paul Krugman", then collected my items and departed. God help that class.


Jonathan said...

Krugman is a partisan hack of a columnist but he is still a competent economist. I'm not familiar with his text but I wouldn't dismiss it sight unseen. It may be OK.

Dan from Madison said...

Seriously? It is hard for me to believe after reading some of his drivel about social security and other topics in the NYT. Like I said, his columns are hardly worth a reply. It is excruciatingly bad thinking and writing. Maybe I am jaded since he is an economist who waded into the political pool and has shown his colors there.