Friday, February 16, 2007

Thinking of warmer times

We are in a deep freeze here in Chicago. I don't think it has been this cold in years. I guess we are just getting wimpy because I remember as a kid shoveling snow it was routinely far below zero plus wind chill and I always went out there to earn the cash. Perhaps I was just more stubborn back then.

So I went through my old photos and saw this photo of the "twelve apostles" on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Wow, that was a great trip. We drove along the coast and the sights were amazing. One of these rock formations collapsed a few years back, stranding a few tourists out on the rock away from shore, until a helicopter came and picked them up (no one was hurt). This photo really doesn't do justice to how large they are since there is nothing "to scale" in front of them like a car to put it in perspective, but trust me when I tell you that they were big. It seemed like it was over 100 degrees every day and the sun was blazing down. I could use some of that sunshine now...


Dan from Madison said...

Not getting wimpy, it is the coldest February on record since 1932. Global warming and all that.

Annie said...

Did Al Gore visit there?
Are you experiencing "Gore-Effect"?