Saturday, February 03, 2007

Search engine funnies

I recently posted on Skip Rozen, the writer for the Wall Street Journal, on his terrible football article. The post brought some very intelligent comments, including one from Panama (I always like hearing from someone outside the United States to see their perspective).

What is funny is that if you go to Yahoo! search and type in "Skip Rozen" (his name in quotes to limit out everything that says either "Skip" or "Rozen" since you want both) only 2 articles pop up; one from an article he wrote about supplements and then our blog post with the headline "Horrible Article by an East Coast Jerk".

Google, on the other hand, even though they OWN Blogger (this blog software) doesn't pick up the article. It is strange that Yahoo! picks it up right away while Google doesn't... isn't that dis-synergy? But search engine algorithms are way beyond my capacities to understand unless I was going to invest a lot of time, and that isn't likely to happen. I tried MSN and they didn't pick it up either, but I don't expect much from ol' Microsoft.

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Jonathan said...

Interesting. Blogger seems to be poorly managed, so I suspect that this is not so much a Google as a Blogger problem.