Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mark and Me

The past several years my wife and I have been drinking more wine with dinner. Supposedly it is healthy for you again.

Anyway, we found this Pinot Noir for $10 a bottle a few years ago and it is superior:

It was so popular that the guy at the liquor store said that the winery "ran out of juice" and thus there was no more. Sadly we bought some different wines but were thrilled when we saw it again in the store.

Note this label:

We quickly drank it and....ugh...piss water! What was different? Ahhh "vin de corse" on the label.

This began an intersting lesson on wine. See that note on the first label of "appelation california"? That means that they are the original grapes that were used from the regions in Cali and combined to form this wonderful table wine. Vin de Corse is fancy language that meant that these particular grapes were imported from the island of Corsica.
I actually buy the California version online now from K and L wines because I cannot get it around here. The freight puts my cost at $15 per bottle to get it here, but to me it is worth it. When you find a wine you like and can drink every day (well, not EVERY day) it is funny to see what extremes you will go to to get your hands on it.


Hammer said...

A good pinot noir is my favorite.
If you can find it try "twin fin" pinot noir it's about $6.99 per bottle and I think it's one of the best California wines I've ever tasted.

Believe it or not they sell it at Target

Annie said...

I'm not crazy about red wine, but the most interesting one I ever tried contained black pepper. It was GREAT with a heavy red sauce Italian meal (with tons of garlic)! Other than that - white wine is what I'd choose if I *have* to drink wine. I'm more of a "Corona with lime" type. Skip the glass, just shove the wedge in the bottle!! LOL