Sunday, February 11, 2007

Family Photo

This weekend I had all of my handguns in one place at one time. Click for larger.
I think I am done for a long time, except I need a nice conceal carry piece. I am leaning toward an older Smith with two or three inch barrel, rounded butt. It was interesting to have all of my handguns together. My tastes are definitely changing. The gun that I looked at and marveled at the most is that Smith model 13-2 in the lower right. Four inch barrel, bull barrel, .357. What a beautifully made and great looking firearm. I love 'em all, though. FYI I shoot that Ruger Mark 3 Hunter the most, as the .22 is dirt cheap to shoot and it is easy on the wrists.


Annie said...

That's an impressive revolver/pistol family. In your considerations for a carry piece, are you married to the idea of a revolver? I find that my Kimber is harder to conceal on my frame than the little .38 snubby is, but I like the thinner feel of my Kahr PM9 - except that it has not proven itself to be completely and flawlessly reliable. I'll stick with my little wheelie until that happens. Do you plink with long rifles, too?

Dan from Madison said...

Good question Annie. The short answer is yes, I am stuck on a wheelie for my carry piece. I am very confident in my skills with them and honestly don't hear of failures with them.

You mention the issues with your Kahr. I read a lot about these with smaller autos, especially failure to extracts. I am reasonable comfortable with my HK USP45, but as you can see it is just too big of a chunk to conceal. I will more than likely purchase a small frame older Smith wheelie for carry - they just don't make them like they used to.

I plink with my Ruger 77/22 and posted about it here. I am currently working through NRA light rifle qualifications with it. Only complaint is that it is heavy, but only eight pounds including scope.

Annie said...

I understand COMPLETELY about trusting your life to a wheelie before an auto! If you don't hear *bang* you just keep pulling that trigger. Yep.

My little Airweight is constructed of titanium and titanium alloy, so it's super light weight even when loaded. The trade off is recoil...but since I happen to not mind, it's all good!