Sunday, February 11, 2007

Easy Laws

You really should read ChicagoBoyz on a daily basis. Jonathan has assembled quite a diverse collection of brainy, articulate people over there.

Today, John Jay writes about the Trojan Number. I left a comment over there and thought I would reproduce it here:

One thing you forgot to mention is that politicians want to show that they are actually doing something - even if/when they aren’t. Laws or programs like the one proposed with the kids pissing make the person who introduced it look like they actually care, without really doing anything constructive. Most in the general public swallow the numbers floated out whole, hook line and sinker. I did it myself for many years until one day a number was floated out about my industry which I knew was b.s. and I decided to start looking more closely at ALL the crap the msm was vomiting forth on a daily basis. When I read about the New York iPod ban the first thing that went through my head was, as usual, “who sits around and dreams up this stuff”. Nothing more important going on in New York? With the passage of “easy laws” as I call them, the politicians can show that they care about the children, public safety, and, of course, the public safety of our children.
We just had one of these easy laws passed in Madison, a smoking ban for all bars and restaurants. The typical trojan numbers were floated around and absolutely no cost/benefit analyses were done. Now Jim Doyle, the governor of Wisconsin is trying to get a smoking ban for the whole state. Talk about a non-enforcable law! Do we really have to hire smoking cops?

When the trans fats debate went on in New York City, there was, as usual the same debate about "safety". The theory went that trans fats are bad, restaurants use them, therefore if we ban them patrons will not have access and there will be benefit for the populus. Another easy law. Banning the preparation of foods with trans fats will simply cause those fatty fried foods to be prepared with a different type of oil. Nobody is going to get "healthier" because of it. Those who are overweight can still go to the store and buy just as much potato chips, chocolate and animal tallow as they damned well please. But the politicians who wrote the law can hold themselves up as they actually care about the health of the public, without really doing anything but lining the pockets of the canola oil producers.

I just googled "canola oil bad" and got 496,000 responses. Here is number two. The source may be dubious, but you get the drift for what I am saying.

I admit I used to swallow the trojan numbers from the msm that Jay points out in his original post. That stopped long ago and now I practically swallow NO numbers any more. And turn my head in disgust when I see more, stupid, non-enforcable Easy Laws like this one proposed.

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