Sunday, February 04, 2007

Candidates and Coaches

Not Black Candidates and Black Coaches

Being sick the past few days I have had the unfortunate opportunity to watch some cable network news. Not much has changed since I watched it last a few months ago during the holidays. Awful reporting by people that really have no interest in the topics reported nor any real knowledge about much of anything.

Most annoying is the story about Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith being the first black coaches to coach in the Super Bowl. Tied in with this is the reporting of Joe Biden talking about Barack Obama. The quote that he said that stirred up the pot was:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

So everyone took the word "clean" out of there and went berserk on Biden. I think it is funny because Biden is such a post, but lets just put that aside for a bit.

From these two events - the constant reporting of the two black coaches and the "clean" thing - the media seems to be responsible for a very overt brand of racism. They commit the crime and they spread it through their outlets. These aren't the only examples, just the two that are the most visible here and now.

Any idiot knows that Biden didn't mean anything by that "clean" remark. If you look at the complete conversation he is very complimentary of Obama in general. If Biden were smart, he would have taken the media to task for taking his quote out of context. In my opinion, Biden got "mass-media'd". But there the media is, taking Biden to task and they ALL jumped all over it.

These constant stories about Smith and Dungy are, IMO, racist as well. To me these guys aren't black coaches, they are just coaches. It is ridiculous for not only the media but the National Felon League to keep mentioning to everyone that they are black. They should be recognized for their achievements alone, not their achievements AND their color. Blatant racism if I have ever seen it.

In the future if anyone says anything about Obama I guarantee you that they will run every word by their campaign managers. And I can't wait until we get the first announcement from the NFL about their first black trainer. Maybe they have one already. That would be because he is the most qualified, not because he is qualified and black.


Anonymous said...

what about jackie robinson's entry in mlb? was he just another baseball player?

Dan from Madison said...

Was the situation any different when Jackie Robinson played baseball than it is today?

Anonymous said...


Dan from Madison said...

Nothing different? All civil rights legislation was in place? Affirmative action was around?

Anonymous said...

even with civil rights legislation and affirmative action, it's still not a level playing field. if you think it is, you are living in a fanatasy land.

Dan from Madison said...

Speaking of level playing field, your goalposts are moving all over the place. Sports leagues and politics have been well represented by all colors and creeds for DECADES.

Anonymous said...

it's ok. i wouldn't expect you to get it. your white and probably mostly have white friends. when the tables are turned (whites becoming the minority), your type of thinking will go away. that's it. i'm done.

Dan from Madison said...

I guess I don't understand. I do hope that you are not trying to convince me that there are some sort of barriers to entry to sports leagues or politics because a person isn't white.