Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bears Weather

As I was driving out today to get my car washed (it was utterly filthy with salt spray and road gunk) I saw the Bears flags whipping in the wind out front of the Merchandise Mart. It is bitterly cold here in Chicago, around zero degrees with a much worse wind chill.

In all the other "real" sports (baseball, basketball and football) home field advantage plays a critical part of the playoffs including the final game. It is a horrible travesty that the Bears aren't playing at home today, in Bears weather, and are rather in the perfect Miami sun playing the championship game.

I know that it might crimp a few people's style to have to stand in the cold but hey, no one is making them attend the game. They wouldn't have any trouble filling Soldier Field today even with the brutal weather.

It is a giant advantage to the Colts offense to be playing in the perfect weather of Miami. Their timing and passing offense won't be disrupted by blustery winds. The Bears running game, on the other hand, wouldn't have been impacted by the cold and brutal wind, and our defense is even stronger on the coldest days.

We will still stick it to the Colts down in tropical Miami but it would have been much sweeter here, at home, in the cold. That is the way football ought to be played.

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Dan from Madison said...

From I have been seeing it is raining a bit so that will help us out.