Monday, January 29, 2007

Hangover Helper

In River North we have a lot of high rise buildings. Often they are retrofitting older buildings when they repurpose them from industrial to residential. On other occasions, the developers apparently don't care if they build the whole damn building and then need to make the neighborhood feel like an out-take of Apocalypse Now as helicopters hover a few feet from your windows for hours on end.

This post is from my friend Elton (at large?) who brings the recent events to light...

At 8am I awoke to the sound of a helicopter right outside my window. The copter landed in a parking lot on the lower right near the "L" tracks and it was a wonder that he didn't hit anything in the swirling winds. He picked up a couple loads of supplies and an air conditioning unit and delivered it to the (presumably freezing and hung over) workers on the roof in the second picture below. If you click on the picture and bring it to maximum size you can clearly see that the helicopter pilot has his head sticking out the window like some kind of cheesy lego chopper pilot... he just needs a Snoopy scarf.

You can see the guys on the roof and also a cool view of the Montgomery Ward building in the background - that building was turned into condos and they replaced the original windows with ones with an interesting blue tint.

Not a fun way to wake up on a Sunday morning...

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