Monday, January 01, 2007

Cedarburg, The Bears, and Morton's Wisconsin Inn

This weekend I went to Cedarburg Wisconsin for New Years' Eve. Cedarburg is a nice little tourist town about 15 miles north of Milwaukee, right off the main highway.

This photo was taken from Morton's Wisconsin Inn, a bar that is absolutely filled to the brim with signs, paraphenelia, and "bar ware". The place is a hoot, and the men's and women's bathrooms are also eye-popping (tasteful) as well.

Surprisingly enough, they serve great food and drinks. I thought it would be typical "bar food" but far from it - their food is excellent, including their seafood (which is a big surprise since they aren't exactly located near the docks). Their bloody mary is a meal in itself with a beer chaser, shrimp and steak and it wins a lot of local awards for being the best bloody mary around.

I watched the Bears get crushed at this bar and the fans were surprisingly polite about it. For the first half of the game the speakers played Pink Floyd's "Animals" (I'm not making this up) and then I asked them to turn on the sound because frankly I was getting a bit depressed between the terrible Bears playing and this 1970's bleak album. The owner even came over and had a shot with us and the other fans were taunting us but nothing like I would have expected.

Rex was terrible - what the hell was he thinking? He just took the wind out of us and we went nowhere. The Bears folded in the 2nd half vs. Tampa Bay, probably should have lost to Detroit if their main receiver didn't drop every single pass that landed in his hands, and were thoroughly whipped by the Pack. Unless they get their act together quickly this will be another one-game-and-out playoff season. Glad Dan and I gave away our tickets to a worthy charity.

But I highly recommend Morton's and visiting Cedarburg - a cute town - and you can stay at the Washington House Inn which is a quick stumble (one block) from Morton's.


Dan from Madison said...

It is most certainly going to be a quick playoffs.

astro said...

Poor Rexy-poo. The playoffs haven't even started and he has already crumbled under the pressure. Maybe Griese will get the start - it is the only chance Da Bears have...