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Best of the blog - 2005 (1 of 2)

Following up on my "best of the blog" series I am taking aim at 2005. There will be two posts in this series (it takes a while to get through the process since we have a lot of good ones to choose from, but I am looking for "the best"). It is fun going through the old posts... I have fun reading a lot of them and honestly have forgotten a few of them that spark a laugh.

July 2005

  1. "Negotiating With Terrorists" - Carl says that while the terrorists can hurt us superficially, in the long run they will lose because their negotiation strategy basically comes down to "convert or die", which is unpalatable to everyone in the West
  2. In "My Wrists, My Wrists" Dan profiles his new, smaller revolver
  3. In "First Responders... and More" Carl says that you need to rely on yourself and your neighbors more than the police, fire, etc... and that a low respect for the collective intelligence is a hallmark of the liberal mindset
  4. Dan explains how "Foam" and out-of-control environmental regulations doomed the space shuttle
  5. There were a few good photo essays... Dan biking in southern Wisconsin, Dan at the fair, and Carl with llamas
August 2005

  1. Carl is confused and jokingly asks whether the "IAEA" or "IKEA" has more influence on events in Iran today, and Dan obligingly visits the super-efficient IKEA retailer
  2. Dan writes a long post with many photos of his Ruger 77 at the range
  3. Is it tax time yet... Carl gets ahead of the tax season with "The AMT is the New Tax Code" and points out the tax that ensnared millions in 2006 and will again in 2007
  4. Carl laughs at "Cthulhu is my Homeboy" and remembers HP Lovecraft
  5. Dan takes the Lake Express across Lake Michigan with tons of good photos (and a few blogger teething problems, since resolved)

September 2005

  1. With "The Chains" Dan takes aim at the maddening way that football measures the spot... now an annual tradition
  2. Dan comments on Katrina in a series of posts here, here and Carl chimes in here
  3. Carl loves list with the "Most Important Individuals Since 1500" and the "Top 500 Songs of Your Lifetime" (since 1980) from Blender
  4. Dan visits Philadelphia and the title "Filthadelphia" says it all
  5. Dan and Carl both talk about markets and oil markets in particular in light of Katrina and NIMBY policies

October 2005

  1. Canada flexes its awesome political muscle in "Canada Speaks Out About Iranian Evil... and No One Cares"
  2. Dan tees off on "The Sham of Gun Buybacks and the Invasion of Privacy" in Madison
  3. Dan creates his first podcast and meets stunningly inept retail help at Radio Shack
  4. In light of Roman Polanski being a scumbag child molester Dan pens a letter to Sony
  5. Carl predicts fireworks (that haven't come yet... but it isn't over) for Exelon in Chicago in light of Illinois botched energy deregulation
November 2005

  1. Carl points out that the idiotic Fois Gras ban in Chicago causes an uproar while eating sushi from women's naked bodies barely elicits a snicker
  2. Carl notes that the French have problems too comparing Katrina with their riots
  3. "Concealed Carry in Wisconsin" is on Dan's mind here
  4. In "Speedtrap, Shmeedtrap" Dan laments the speed trap and one guy who tried to help
  5. The European diplomatic initiatives uselessness is noted by Carl in "Engagement = Appeasement"
December 2005

  1. Carl does some investigative reporting in "The Worst Intersection In Chicago"
  2. In "Other People's Money" Dan sheds light on a charity scandal in Madison
  3. Dan refuses to play along with Freakonomics in "Merry Incentives, Baby"
  4. Carl asks to call it what it is in "Need to Rename the Anti-War crowd"
  5. In response to a lame article on Chicago Carl says "Pathetic Article on Chicago Patronizes Everyone"

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