Friday, January 12, 2007

Bears Quarterbacks, Again

My friends over at The Astronomicon have been giving me a hard time all year about the ups and downs of the Bears quarterback, Rex Grossman. It pretty much is an all or nothing deal, I will admit. Either he sparkles or sucks - there really isn't much in-between.

What I tend to chuckle about is the way they keep harping on me about Rex. It is interesting to see what fans of other NFL teams pick to heckle others about. The one thing they forget about Rex is that he is just the latest in a long line of questionable talent at that position for the Bears, so all of the heckling, jeering and jabs I get are met with one great big, giant, immense

shoulder shrug.

Why? Perspective. If you haven't been there, you don't really know what the others (in this case, Bears fans) have been through.

I made this post back in August of 2005 and it is still one of the leading hit getters for this blog with the google. Time to revisit for some perspective.

Bears starting quarterbacks since Brett Favre started his ironman streak in 1992:
Will Furrer
Jim Harbaugh
Peter Tom Willis
Shane Matthews
Erik Kramer
Steve Walsh
Steve Stenstrom
Dave Krieg
Rick Mirer
Moses Moreno
Cade McNown
Jim Miller
Henry Burris
Chris Chandler
Cory Sauter
Rex Grossman
Kordell Stewart
Craig Krenzel
Jonathan Quinn
Chad Hutchinson
Kyle Orton
Rex Grossman (again)

Brutal? Of course. But in the big picture Grossman certainly isn't the worst of the crew. So all of the media hype about that position to me isn't very relative. But then again most people don't look at history, only what is here and now.


Frank the Tank said...

Whenever Fox does a Bears-Packers game, Joe Buck inevitably brings up the "Bears QBs since Favre started his streak" graphic. It's like the football version of the Curse of the Bambino.

Great blog, by the way. Go Bears!

Anonymous said...

The Bears' "Wheel of QBs" goes back long before '92...I know I'm skipping a bunch, but some that I remember (in no particular order): Billy Wade, Vince Evans, Bob Avellini, Bobby Douglass, Jim McMahon, Doug Flutie, Steve Fuller.

Roy Taylor said...

Hey, yes of course this is troubling (and unfortunately the revolving door continues to spin in 2007).

Just wanted you to know that Cory Sauter never started a game for the Bears. I believe he was on the roster late 2002 & 2003 preseason, but never started.

Go Bears!

Dan from Madison said...

Ah right you are about Sauter...but he did play.

Roy Taylor said...

Yes, I believe perhaps he came in late in the game against Tampa in the 2002 finale, when the Bears were getting smoked 15-0 by the future world champs. After the great Henry Burris threw 4 interceptions. I was in the parking lot of Memorial Stadium at that point.

But Sauter was off the roster after preseason 2003.

Take care.