Saturday, December 02, 2006

Not Getting It

Recently an ex-Soviet spy living in exile in London was poisoned and died a slow, agonizing death. As a critic of Putin, pretty much everyone with 2 brain cells figured out that he was poisoned by the FSB, the successor to the KGB.

This theory was almost certainly borne out by the fact that he was poisoned with a radioactive substance. Who else, but the Soviets, would do this? Even on the most deranged episode of "24" no one would think of this type of murder.

This, however, isn't the story. Even though our left wing loonies spend their time comparing Rumsfeld to Hitler, anyone with any sense knows it is the Soviets that are true war criminals for their incredibly barbaric war on the Chechens.

Contrast the US in Iraq, where we try to save civilians and rebuild the country, to the Soviets, who lined up 150mm artillery and leveled Grozny to the ground, intentionally killing and maiming the innocent (and guilty), to keep control over this disputed region. They also stomped out the free press and control all news on this blighted war.

None of these items, however, are the topic at hand. The topic is how the British are receiving the revived Soviet threat, manifested in their own backyard by this brazen murder. According to this article...

Another minister present said: “It caused some alarm that this case is obviously causing tension with the Russians. They are too important for us to fall out with them over this.”

Yes, why would you want to "fall out" over blatant murderers commiting atrocities on your own soil? Why let a little murder get in the way of diplomatic relations, and Russian companies (like Lukoil) listing on Britain's stockmarkets?

The British ought to apologize for offending Moscow by implying that the murder they orchestrated was a bad thing and just forget the whole thing, right?

The weak won't inherit the world... the strong, brutal and ignorant will lord over the weak...

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