Monday, November 13, 2006

Pork Shoulder

I purchased a whole pig from a friend of mine and picked it up a few weeks ago so I have a freezer full of wonderful pork products to try my kitchen voodoo on. This weeks recipe was for pulled pork sandwiches. I have purchased pulled pork sandwiches many times at fairs and restaurants, but knew that they could be better.

What they taste like most of the time is shredded pork drenched in bar-b-que sauce. That couldn't be the right way to do it. Of course the way I made it produced shockingly good results.

Somebody really should stop me before the cholesterol police come a knockin'. As always click on the photo for a larger version.

Anyway the first thing you need is a good pork shoulder. You should try to get one with the bone in. I had a couple in the freezer, and I pulled one out and thawed it in the fridge for a few days.

I followed this recipe.

The first thing I had to do was marinade that baby overnight as the recipe says. The marinade included fresh thyme and rosemary and garlic - a great combo that made the whole house smell wonderful. Here is a shot of the roast on top of the bed of apples and onions.

First you roast it at 450 for a half hour uncovered to brown the outside.
Next you have to add the wine, cover and slow roast for three more hours.

After that time, I let it rest for about 45 minutes covered. After uncovering, take a two forks and "pull" the pork off the bone. There really isn't much pulling to do, it basically falls off.

Just slap it on a bun and eat. Incredible. You can taste all of the herbs, garlic, apples and everything else in each bite. And all of that fat is mixed in there to boot. My kids devoured it as well. I think someday I should flambee this mess in some Jim Beam a la Steve H (he actually uses Jack Daniels). But I wanted to try it as is this first time. If you want you can take the leftover apples and onions and drippings and make a gravy, but I didn't want to bother this time around.

To boot, I made dessert also, some soon to be famous baked apples.

Just core the apples (NOT all the way through or everything will leak out) and stuff with brown sugar with a tablespoon of butter on top. Sprinkle cinnamon on them and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes (this will vary according to the type of apple used). Then dump the caramel into a bowl and cut the apples up. Top with vanilla ice cream.

Time to hit the treadmill and weights hard this week.


Steve H. said...

Ever considered putting a tiny amount of nutmeg in there? Might work.

It would be fun to bake them in individual cream cheese and lard crusts.

Dan from Madison said...

Nice call on the nutmeg, I will probably do that next time. Oh my god you always up the ante - cream cheese and lard crust? Do you have a recipe for that?

aelfheld said...

Cream cheese and lard crust: