Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Give Me a Blatant Hater Anyday"

I read this interesting article (courtesy Jonathan of ChicagoBoyz) a few days ago and it says something quite interesting.

My post here doesn't have much to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Most know where I stand on that issue.

Instead, this essay has more to do with the way people act and speak. Here is the key quote from the article. To recap, the writer went to an awful play about Rachel Corrie and participated in a question and answer session with her parents afterward:

I took advantage of the opportunity to revisit my question, so I looked into her face and said I felt for her loss (which is true) and knew she wanted peace (true) and asked her if she really thought the Palestinians didn't bear any responsibility for their situation. Her response was about as rambling and disconnected as Mr Khatib's; any Palestinian responsibility acknowledged must be immediately matched and overmatched by Israeli responsibility. Palestinians have first dibs on compassion and understanding. (They have compassion for the Israelis as victims too, but in the way that you have compassion for a sinner in order to bring him to Jesus. They just don't see the Palestinians as sinners.) She did manage to say that the Kassem rockets were "illegal," adding that they had only killed 10 people. I made the obvious point that if you randomly bomb civilian areas, the purpose is to make it impossible for people to conduct their lives. We have all already had this inane conversation about Lebanon, give me a break. (I didn't say that, I got the impression it would be rude to disturb the loving motherly Corrie ambiance.)It was all pretty sick-making.

Give me a blatant hater any day.

Maybe it is my Midwest sensibility talking here, but I could totally relate with that last part. I have never been big on the soft sell, nor am I one into giving the soft sell to others. Most everything is black and white to me. There aren't a lot of frilly edges.

The vendors that I hate most are the ones with sales personnel that soft step hard questions. I cannot count the number of times that I ask very easy, pointed questions and get wishy-washy answers and I get completely infuriated. It seems that this is happening more as time goes by.

If I ask a salesperson how many I need to buy to get the best price, I want (need!) the sales person to give me a NUMBER, not a speech. I can't count the number of times that I have to ask questions that pin people down into yes or no answers just to keep my flow of work moving.

"Do you have these in stock?"
"We are supposed to have a bunch coming in very soon."
"OK, that is a no. When?"
"Very soon, more than likely the next few days."
"Can you give me an exact day? My customer is trying to schedule his work."
"Within the next 3-7 days."
"I need to speak with your manager."

This brings me to the above quote. I would much rather you say that you simply hate Jews and want them all dead rather than giving me stories about the "cycle of violence" or trying to justify the shooting of rockets into densely populated areas of cities, disrupting the inhabitants lives.

Or, if you are a vendor trying to do business with me and you have no idea when the product will be coming off the line, just tell me that! I much prefer someone that tells me the truth right off the bat rather than making me do the dance for facts.

I think it was Steven Colbert that started his interview with Tim Robbins with the question "why do you hate the troops?"

Nothing like cutting to the chase, I always say.

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