Friday, October 27, 2006

Not A Problem for Chicago

Posted by Picasa In Chicago there are a lot of things that incite our city council to take "action". Fois gras, as an example. And of course WalMart attempting to build a store within city limits, which brings in jobs and tax revenues, is a "bad" thing, too.

But here in River North you have something wholesome, appropriate and not a problem for the City of Chicago. The crew that shows the ubiquitous "Girls Gone Wild" videos broadcast on late night TV, who pled guilty to sexual exploitation, are coming to celebrate the glory of "pimpin" right here. No need to ban this, of course.

I get as much a kick out of "Pimp My Ride" as the next guy but really, the glorification of the Pimp isn't too funny in Chicago as it might be in some suburb where prostitution is effectively underground. Prostitutes plied their trade in the open in Bucktown / Wicker Park until just a few years ago, and now they have moved on and are making lives miserable in other neighborhoods.

But, since this neighborhood can harbor "naked sushi" without batting an eye, I guess a little bare breasts and glorification of the pimp shouldn't make much of a difference.

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